Children & Families

Discover together

Our Garden is a fantastic place to explore as a family.  Our visitors say that they love:

•   Our maze - not only does it have three centres... but grown-ups can direct from above because of its position, set into the hillside
•   Our quiz - perfect for 5-10 year olds.  You'll hunt down the clues, learn together - and best of all, it's free of charge and there's a small prize at the end
•   Our rustic play area, complete with seesaw, woodland swing, wobbly bridge, clamber nets and our brand new Panpipe folly
•   Our fanciful beech tree carving, inspired by Schloss Neuschwanstein in Bavaria
•   Our homemade cakes, our "full works" hot chocolate - plus we do half portions of everything on our main menu
•   Our baby changing facilities
•   Being able to run around.  We won't tell you to keep off the grass (except if it's not safe for any reason) and most of our paths are made of deliciously soft bark chippings.

But don't just take our word for it - read what Karen, Freya and Emily thought when they visited in April. And this is how Family Days Tried & Tested and In An English Country Garden enjoyed their time here later in the year...