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Bluebells and other beautiful bulbs

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Bluebells and other beautiful bulbs

The Garden is now dotted with small carpets of blue-purple as spring properly arrives.  We've been gradually planting English bluebell bulbs each year in the ancient beech woods at the top of the Garden, thanks to support from our Friends' organisation, and they are now looking their best.  You'll also find them in other shady spots of the Garden, particularly the Snowdrop Grove.

Elsewhere in the Garden, you'll find some gorgeous and unusual tulips, particularly in front of the Plunge Pool and in the Exedra Garden.  Check out the pics on our Facebook page last week.

The Kitchen Garden beds are gradually being filled with strong seedings and chitted potatoes - we're looking forward to the first tastes of homegrown goodies in the Cafe in a couple of months' time.  We're a bit worried about cold this week, and longer term about the lack of rain.  Other than some very light stuff, there's been nothing significant in the last few weeks.  It's good news only on the mowing front - our ride-on mower is away at the menders again, so it's not a bad thing that the grass hasn't been growing at its usual speed.

The big task for this week is the pruning of our espaliers which surround the Kitchen Garden.  We are hosting a workshop with Martin Hayes, expert local orchardist, and with a big group of staff and volunteers, we will get them into shape.  Look out for the results when you visit.

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