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Good for some!

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Good for some!

We've all breathed a sigh of relief this week as we've finally had some "proper rain" - the sort which actually thoroughly waters our fledgling seedlings in the Kitchen Garden!  Our Garden team have also taken the opportunity to get on with some indoor jobs, including lots of potting on and some more sowing of seeds under cover.  We've a wedding on Saturday so we'll be making sure the Red House looks extra smart for Bethan and Rob's big day.

So, the Kitchen Garden is now fully planted out and packed full of promise.  The plan of what is planted where in the geometrically-shaped beds is available at the Welcome Desk, when you arrive.  The rhubarb is already flourishing - this week we've made rhubarb flapjack (delicious), frozen some and have some available for our visitors to take away in exchange for a donation.  And some of us - following a tip off from a pair of our volunteers - are making rhubarb gin at home.  Which so far smells good, looks gorgeous.

We also had word that we've been nominated for an award - Best Family Attraction in Gloucestershire, no less.  It's always great to be nominated for something, especially when it's a surprise.  So thank, Muddy Stilettos - and please vote for us by 26 May to be sure that we get into the final.

We've had our first bookings for our half term activity day - our A-Maze-ing May Day on Wednesday 31st May - which are coming in nicely.  Get in there early if you want to book your place as they're limited and it's proving popular!

And finally - the roadworks on the Gloucester Road at the top of the drive are finished!  We don't normally get excited about tarmac here, but the County Council's contractors have done a good job.  It was worth the hassles of the last few weeks and we're pleased to be back to normal.

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