The daffodils have been limbering up on the sidelines and are now set to steal the spotlight from the snowdrops. With the help of volunteers, garden supporters, and corporate volunteer groups, we have planted approximately 100,000 daffodils over the last six years. Planting bulbs on this scale is physically demanding, and we want to express our immense gratitude to all the volunteers who assisted – their help was invaluable!


Our stunning display is already underway, and as each variety blooms at slightly different times, the view will be magnificent throughout February and March. For those eager to learn about the various daffodil varieties planted and their approximate blooming times, keep reading!


In the Orchard, daffodil varieties like ‘Tamara’, ‘Ice Follies’, and ‘King Alfred’ bloom from late February to March, showcasing a spectacular view.
On the banks of the Swan Pond, ‘Geranium’ and ‘Red Devon’ daffodils bloom in late March and early April.
Within the Red House Wilderness, the native ‘Narcissus Pseudonarcissus’ blooms in March, while ‘Pipe Major’ and ‘Sempre Avanti’ bloom in April and May.
This year, the Exedra Garden features 9000 distinct daffodil varieties such as ‘Kedron’, ‘Beauvallon’, ‘Primrose Beauty’, ‘Great Leap’, and ‘White Lion’.
Additionally, ‘Fortune’ and ‘Garden Opera’ daffodils are newly planted above the maze this season.


In the coming years, we plan to carefully introduce the ‘Lent Lily’, a native daffodil species (Narcissus Pseudonarcissus), into the woodland. This species has faced a notable decline nationwide, especially in Gloucestershire, mainly because of habitat loss and intensified agriculture. Given its slow establishment and high cost, additional donations will assist us in establishing a substantial population at a faster pace.