As the longer days and warmer sun start to wake the cold earth, the first feelings of “spring proper” come to mind.  And for many people, the bright colour of the plucky daffodil is one of the first signs that winter is over. In recent years, our team of staff and volunteers have planted tens of thousands of bulbs in the Orchard and Red House Wilderness, creating a dazzling and very photogenic display of March colour.

A sea of blooming daffodils now graces the orchard and banks, greeting the sun with their cheery golden heads. The first blooming of the 20,000 daffodils planted in the Red House Wilderness was during the first lockdown of 2020, so this year is the first chance many people will have to see them.  Several thousand more hellebores were added to our spring display in this area in 2019, planted in clumps.  These complement the 25,000 daffodils and crocus planted in drifts in the Orchard the previous year.  The carpet of colour is really eyecatching and has grown to become a big events in the Garden’s annual programme.

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Photo credit: MouseAboutTown