Currently “in residence” down on the Bowling Green in the Garden is a brand-new work by sculptor Natasha Houseago.  Natasha is one of the featured artists in the creative outdoor sitting places exhibition – “Linger” – which we had planned for this summer, now postponed.

The piece which Natasha is working on is extra-special as she is not only carving here onsite, but she is using wood felled in the Garden and her seat is inspired by its fascinating history!  Her creation is an asbtract rococo-style woman/seat made from a beautiful piece of felled ash, which sadly had to be taken down in the Hidden Hollow area of the Garden due to ash dieback disease. The carving is being made down on the Bowling Green and is directly inspired by the shapes and forms within rococo art and architecture.  The subject is a gorgeous woman with ‘s’ shaped curls of hair and hands holding fans – see pic below and Natasha’s sketch.  The seat area is the woman’s lap, and the whole work is just about finished and sited perfectly in the Garden.

Subject to us securing funding, we hope to run a further exciting project working with more of the fallen ash trees in the future.

For more information about Natasha and her work, visit